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Corn machine environmental impact

Release date:2017-11-13 Form:

 Electronic devices such as corns and the like are often subjected to various harmful influences of the surrounding environment during storage, transportation and use, such as performance, reliability, life expectancy and the like of electronic products. Environmental factors affecting electronic products are: temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, solar radiation, rain, wind, snow, dust and dust, salt spray, corrosive gases, molds, insects and other pests, vibration, shock, earthquakes, Collision, Centrifugal Acceleration, Vibration, Swing, Electromagnetic Interference and Lightning.

The study of environmental factors mainly solves two basic problems:
① how to obtain the objective data of these environmental factors; Corn machine
② how to deal with these data. The data of the objective environmental factors can usually be obtained partly from the meteorological department, but more must be obtained through measurement. To make the measured data both reliable and typical, in addition to the need for a sound survey test program, you must also have continuous, fast and multi-point record of the instrument. Obtained objective environmental data, if there is a long enough record time, you can press the frequency of statistical analysis. Corn machine
For products that require special reliability, it is advisable to obtain the extreme value of objective environmental data or even the extreme value of statistical inference to ensure that the product is foolproof in use. For products requiring high reliability, it is advisable that the objective environmental data have a probability of 1%. For the general requirements of the product, apply to the general waist-shaped buckle, long corns riveting. Mainly used riveting luggage, handbags on the corns, rivets and other hardware products. I produced by the Cornie machine, with high safety, high efficiency of the performance; have a more efficient operation speed, a person easily accomplish the advantages of two people's work efficiency. The objective environment appears to be the probability of 5%, or even 10% of the value.
If the objective environment data recording time is not long enough, we must use mathematical statistics to deal with them. For example, the survey data of microclimate can be extended by relevant laws to deduce historical data; for example, the survey data of mechanical vibration can be calculated by envelope method, power spectral analysis method or time series modeling method Probability probability values, and then according to the degree of reliability of the product to take the required data.
Presumably you do not know much about the corn machine, for the purchase, but also from the start, if this is the case, may wish to look at this article, because, Hualong Machinery will be through this article with you to subdivision in the purchase of corn machine to refer to Some parameters, of course, point of view is for reference only. Always think that the following parameters must be considered:
1, mechanical size and throat depth;
2, rivet surface diameter, diameter and length;
3, riveting height;
4, there is horsepower is also a key;