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Automatic Corn machine which three points you know?

Release date:2017-11-13 Form:

 Calling a person, we can have many kinds of names, call the elders we want to use the appropriate polite style, which is a respect for the elders. We can call a lot of small flowers between friends, because the communication between friends sometimes called a small alias is also a way of entertainment, do not care too much, but not too much. The same piece of machinery and equipment can also be used in many industries as it works. Below Hualong Machinery Co., Ltd. of Dongguan City for everyone to introduce: Then automatic corn machine can also be referred to as the eye-shoe machine or eye machine. Automatic Corn machine in accordance with the working methods can be divided into three specific names: ① automatic Corn machine ② semi-automatic corn machine, ③ manual Corn machine. These three kinds of work purposes specific application: Automatic Corn Machine: mainly used for the buckles of the eye with riveting, the use of the upper and lower buckles automatically feeding, the method is efficient! Safety and other advantages! Such as: upper corns riveting. Semi-automatic machine: It is used for stitching the eyelet with no bottom buckle or flat gasket. The machine is used to automatically feed the upper eyelet, and the gasket needs to be put in hand. Manual Eyelet Machine: Both power and discharge need to be done by hand.

We have been looking at the development of rotary turning machines for pneumatic rotary machines. This development has brought a lot of benefits to our economy.
1. Machine body forming one, the height adjustment center will not be offset,
2. With the customer's request to use the voltage.
3. With 0.2-1MPA compressed air to provide the pressure of 230-800kgf, provided by the 1400 rev / min motor torque.
4 riveting time can be adjustable in 0.5-10 seconds.
5. Quick and easy mold replacement, increase productivity, suitable for a small number of diverse workplaces, but also online work.
5. Motor power is 350W
7. The maximum riveting capacity of solid 8mm, the proposed use of 5.5mm rivets the following most cost-effective
8. Spindle travel 40MM, can be adjusted up and down alone, convenient and simple, high accuracy.
The whole weight does not exceed 128KG.