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What is the scope of automatic riveting machine?

Release date:2017-11-13 Form:

 Automatic riveting machine is suitable for a wide range of riveting applications can be applied to a variety of occasions, the following describes some of the major applications.

1, riveting material: In addition to riveting low carbon steel rivets, but also riveting carbon steel and stainless steel rivets, of course, copper, aluminum rivets in the riveting range.
2, riveting shape: As long as the change riveting head shape, you can riveted into a variety of shapes, in addition, radial automatic riveting machine can also be used in embossing, embossing and marking.
3, radial automatic riveting machine can also be achieved in the glass, plastic, ceramic riveting.
4, for the industry: Cold Riveting method can be widely used in precision machinery, textile equipment, steel furniture, construction hardware, high and low voltage electrical appliances, hardware tools, automobiles, motorcycle accessories and many other industries, especially in the car door locks, scraping Water appliances, brakes, clutches, back door stays, door hinges, glass lifts, carburetors, handbrake, steering ball joints, motorcycle shock absorbers and other auto parts industry is more widely used.
1. Automatic riveting machine and auxiliary tools in the work of any failure, we must look for the production of the chief engineer or adjuster.
2. When moving or replacing rivets, the rivets should be cut off from the power source in order to prevent damage to the parts and other accidents.
3. Observe all technical safety rules.
4. Note that parts are riveted tools installed correctly. Press and the top to be perpendicular to the parts.
5. Note the pressure of the air duct indicated on the pressure gauge. When pressure drops below 4 atmospheres, stop riveting:
6. Note the quality of riveting. If you find a flaw, it is necessary to report the workman.