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Corn machine manufacturing common machining equipment

Release date:2017-11-13 Form:

 Corn machine manufacturing common machining equipment

 Corn machine manufacturing common machining common machining equipment are ordinary lathes, milling machines, grinding machines and drilling and so on. With the progress of science and technology, the current CNC lathes, CNC milling machines and CNC machining centers, etc., have gradually dominated the machining plant.
   Ordinary lathe, riveting machine in the history of the machining industry, has an indelible historical contribution. It is the most widely used, for the processing of the outer cylinder and the end face of processing. These operations, simple and quick. This is also an ordinary lathe, automatic machine in the corns machine enduring reasons. Ordinary lathe, its own structure is also unique, the bed has a spindle and a few columns of the gear change. By adjusting the gear, the spindle speed adjustment. And to the current CVT is the application of electrical installations. Although common in lathe machining shops, changing tools and measuring inconveniences are its biggest drawbacks.
    The application of CNC lathe, to the mechanical processing industry is a technical change. It uses pre-programmed programming language, in accordance with the requirements of mechanical processing route, automatic processing. Because the program control is more accurate than the manual operation, the qualified rate of the processed workpiece is high and the production efficiency is high. This is also the numerical control technology.