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Corn machine classification

Release date:2017-11-13 Form:

 Eyelet machine, also known as shoe-eye machine or eye-jet machine; Eye machine according to the working methods can be divided into: Eyelet machine, semi-automatic Eyelet machine, manual Eyelet machine, etc .; Eyelet machine: Eyelet buckle is mainly used for riveting, Under the automatic feeding, the method is efficient! Safety and other advantages! Such as: riveting the upper eyelet; handbags and other products, semi-automatic Corn Machine: for the bottom buckle or bottom buckle is a flat gasket corns riveting, the machine automatically feed on the corn, flat pads need to hand release ; Manual Eyelet Machine: Power and discharge need to be done by hand. Low price, wide range of applications and other advantages. Corn machine, but also clothing, jeans and other logistics support equipment, widely used!

In recent years there has been a new type of pneumatic corn machine, its low failure rate of equipment, less wearing parts and other advantages, is favored by foreign companies, electric corn machine for riveting in the end, cartons, clothing tag, paper bag, gift box, sign , Has punched the belt, leather and other nail. Simple operation, reliable performance. Efficiency is unmatched by hand. Widely used in handbags, paper tray ring production, file bags, paper bags pressure ring production, confidential documents, ordinary document binding, security card binding, tag hole ring production, security packaging boxes sealed bags, clothing shoes and hats, leather products , Bag mattress eyelet hole buckle production; simple operation, set punch, installed corns, flanging formed in an action, corn continuous automatic supply, will not appear without corns phenomenon, the structure is very reasonable. Into the corns around the eyebrows sleek, non-flowering scratches this worry, corn lock paper, not to be demolished!
1, the center location is accurate, upper and lower center is concentric cylinder injection.
2, high security, the machine automatically controlled by three points at the same time automatic safety devices to prevent the operator when not nailed to finger distraction.
3, positioning infrared money indicator, the electric corn machine positioning lamp for easy operation allows the operator to accurately install corns eye position, especially for the claw buckle and small nails nailing.
4, Corn machine easy to debug, adjust the pressure, the trip is very convenient.
5, the pressure is stable, the upper and lower stamping stability, and a fixed stroke, easy to nail in the clothing on the safe and reliable.
Eyelet machine Note the characteristics of the production of paper bags, paper bags and handbags and other products, precise positioning. easy to use. Corn machine imported the latest continuous automatic cutting technology in Taiwan, completely solve the chicken machine can not smooth under the corns issue. Easier to operate, faster to use.