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Semi-hollow rivet riveting technology of automatic riveting machine

Release date:2017-11-13 Form:

 Automatic Riveting Machine Semi-Hollow Rivet Riveting With the development of the automotive industry, the automobile economy demands more and more, so that car manufacturers pay more attention to the lightweight body assembly and the connection of high quality and seek to reduce the body quality One of the ways is to use lightweight materials such as aluminum and plastic. Hitherto, the spot welding (resistance welding) of automatic riveting machine is the main method of connecting steel body structure, which is not only good for mass production, but also solid and reliable; but for the connection of black metal and non-ferrous metal, nonferrous metal Aluminum plate), metal and nonmetallic connections, nonmetallic connections,

Spot welding is very difficult or helpless. As a vehicle for mass production, in order to meet the needs of rapid and automated production in connection with body parts such as bonding, welding and riveting, in order to connect materials that can not be spot-welded and difficult to spot-weld, rivets, especially self-piercing rivets, The more attention and favor. Self-piercing riveting technology for semi-hollow rivets of automatic riveting machine Self-piercing riveting technology for semi-hollow rivets.
Large castings are metal smelting meet certain requirements of the liquid and poured into the mold, the cooling and solidification, cleaning process to get a predetermined shape, size and performance of the casting process. Casting is one of the basic processes of modern machinery manufacturing industry. Casting is a more economical method of forming a blank and more economical for parts with complex shapes. Such as engine blocks and cylinder heads, marine propellers, and fine artwork. Some hard-to-cut parts, such as gas turbine-based nickel-based alloy parts can only be formed by casting method. Casting casting methods commonly used in the lost foam casting process, resin sand casting, real casting, casting and other high-grade, such as machine tools large castings bed, column, beams, slide, etc. are used in these casting process. Large Casting Material: HT200-350, can undertake a single piece of about 60 tons of castings. The advantages of using resin sand casting large castings: Lost foam casting for the production of single or small batch of automotive panels, machine bed and other large castings have great advantages, good surface quality advantages.