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Corn machine debugging What are the considerations?

Release date:2017-11-13 Form:

 Hualong machinery for the machine to give you a few suggestions:

    1. Install the protective cover on the rotating part of the exposed belt of the machine;
2. Do not wear long-sleeved clothes and long-haired shawl operators machine;
3. The operator of machine safe operation knowledge training.
Pneumatic special small corn machine Features: Compact and lightweight machine; use of air as a power, easy to operate! Automatically send corns, riveting high efficiency! Low failure rate, less wearing parts, small space, twice the speed of ordinary eye-catching machine.
Easy to move, suitable for assembly line operations;
1, the center location is accurate, upper and lower center is concentric cylinder injection.
2, high security, the machine automatically controlled by three points at the same time automatic safety devices to prevent the operator when not nailed to finger distraction.
3, positioning infrared money indicator, the electric corn machine positioning lamp for easy operation allows the operator to accurately install corns eye position, especially for the claw buckle and small nails nailing.
4, Corn machine easy to debug, adjust the pressure, the trip is very convenient.
5, the pressure is stable, the upper and lower stamping stability, and a fixed stroke, easy to nail in the clothing on the safe and reliable.
Eyelet machine Note the characteristics of the production of paper bags, paper bags and handbags and other products, precise positioning. easy to use. Corn machine imported the latest continuous automatic cutting technology in Taiwan, completely solve the chicken machine can not smooth under the corns issue. Easier to operate, faster to use.