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When buying automatic corn machine need to pay attention to what parameters?

Release date:2017-11-13 Form:

 Presumably you are not fully aware of the automatic Corn machine, for the purchase, and no start, if this is the case, may wish to look at this article, because, Hualong Machinery will be through this article to subdivision under you in the purchase of automatic Corn Machine When to refer to some of the parameters, of course, point of view is for reference only.

Hualong Machinery has always felt that the following parameters must be considered:
1, mechanical size and throat depth;
2, rivet surface diameter, diameter and length;
3, riveting height;
4, there is horsepower is also a key;
Fully automatic machine like other machines, maintenance work done well to maintain the good performance of the machine, but also to maintain the life of the parts. 1. The upper and lower mold rivets should always wipe the clean, can not be stained with oil, so as not to material stained, affecting the appearance of beautiful. 2. To make the runner smooth, it is best to clean up daily, but can not be injected into the oil to avoid corns buckle stained oil. After the machine is used, be sure to clean the surrounding to keep the machine clean, 3. The funnel bowl can not be cleaned with oil or water, as long as clean with a dry cloth can be.
Maintenance and checklist: Maintenance intervals Check key / care instructions, handle raw materials, and check the spring of each unit's kinematics before starting daily.
8 hours a. Lubrication of the upper die shaft, b. Lubrication of the transmission spindle, c. Lubrication of the clutch plate fixed shaft
Mechanical oil, every 48 hours, a. Lubricate the transmission shaft eccentric, b. Lubricate the transmission shaft
    Mechanical grease, long-term stop after the start, a. Lubricating control strip touch the place b. Lubricating the feed rod touch the place C. Lubricate the grip slider d. Lubricate the mold axis.