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Automatic riveting machine routine maintenance precautions

Release date:2017-11-13 Form:

 Automatic riveting machine routine maintenance Note:

① Do not process work beyond the nominal capacity of the standard
② Do not work for a long time under high pressure.
③ head length should not exceed the provisions.
④ hydraulic oil should be replaced after one year's use.
⑤ Radial equipment should be lubricated often.
⑥ encountered an exception immediately stop overhaul, straight to the troubleshooting.
⑦ riveting head assembly and disassembly to be slow, especially when removing rivets do not use brute force pull out, should rotate the rivet head and slowly pull down hard.
If the rivet socket is pulled out of the normal position, there will be obvious deviation of the position of the rivet head after the rivet head is installed. At this moment, the red safety cover should be disassembled, and the rivet socket should be installed in place before it can be used, or the machine is easily damaged .
⑧ equipment rail should smear the butter once a month to lubricate and rust.
⑨ In the use of riveting head in the processing of certain materials, there will be a slight bonding phenomenon, in order to ensure the quality of riveting, riveting head should be regularly cleaned to prevent metal bonding thickening. Clean rivet head fixed to the lathe chuck, and then polished with sandpaper.
Solid rivets Suitable solid rivets Machine also known as solid rivets Solid rivets are common hardware products are mostly riveted solid nail suitable for the high demand of goods will be selected, assuming the demand is not high advocate selection of hollow rivets, why should we choose hollow Rivets, not the selection of solid rivets, the main reason is the rivets of solid rivets rivets down the artificial needs of a man put one by one, so that solid rivets power will be low, and hollow rivets machine is the active power of the nail flow forward Times, so you can choose the right product rivet machine.