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How to distinguish the size of the corns machine

Release date:2017-11-13 Form:

 Recently there are always customers to ask how to safely operate the corn machine, we Hualong machinery as a professional corn machine manufacturers have a deep understanding of the corn machine, today we Diaya mechanical button machine for everyone on how to introduce the safe use of corn machine:

First, the use of corns machine environment, do not be too humid and unstable place to use the environment to ensure that the drying and the circuit to be stable.
Second, in strict accordance with the instructions, strictly forbidden to take their course of action to maintain the life of Cornie machine.
Third, if the factory has a teacher, then it is best to find a teacher with a belt.
Eyelet machine riveting process corresponding to the corn machine Eyelet rivets material types are still a certain classification, corresponding to different materials or different sizes of rivets need to be modulated riveting parameters will be different today is We introduce a wide range of rivets machined parts of the material type and size of species:
Small Corn Machine Series Machinery and equipment in the market demand mainly corresponds to the use of the industry for various sectors of electronic circuit boards, speaker products, backplane products, paper card products, tag products, other small hardware accessories such as the riveting machine rivets Co-manufacturing.
The medium or large eye machine series machinery and equipment market demand in the main corresponding to the industrial use is for the toolbox series of products manufacturing, cosmetics boxes manufacturing, jewelry box series of products manufacturing, chips and other boxes of aluminum boxes edge package Corner, hinge and lock some riveting (riveting machine) process manufacturing.