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Analyze the automatic production process of Corn machine

Release date:2017-11-13 Form:

 Automatic Corn Machine Machining In the production process, directly change the corn machine raw materials (or rough) shape, size and performance, making it into the finished product process, known as the process. It is a major part of the production process. For example, the rough casting, forging and welding; to change the material properties of the heat treatment; parts machining, all belong to the process. The process is again composed of one or several sequential processes.

Automatic Corn machine machine production process refers to the raw materials (or semi-finished products) into the product of the entire process. For machine production, it includes the transportation and preservation of raw materials, production preparation, blank manufacturing, parts processing and heat treatment, product assembly, commissioning, painting and packaging. The content of the production process is very broad. Modern enterprises organize production and guide production with the principles and methods of systems engineering, and view the production process as a production system with input and output. Can make the management of enterprises scientific, so that enterprises more responsive and competitive.
Machining is the process of changing the form factor or performance of a workpiece with a machining machine. According to the temperature of the workpiece being processed state, divided into cold and hot processing. Generally at room temperature processing, and does not cause chemical or physical changes in the workpiece, said cold processing. Generally higher than or lower than the state of the state of the processing, will cause the workpiece chemical or physical changes, said thermal processing. Cold processing by processing differences can be divided into cutting and pressure processing. Common thermal processing heat treatment, calcined, casting and welding.
Automatic corn machine filler should pay attention to:
1, packing must pay attention to nail specifications and the machine set the same specifications, the same can be used.
2, the filler does pay attention to whether there are other different types or poor nails into, because the feed will be blocked must be filtered out.
3, the filler can not be filled, only fill two thirds, because all will slow down the feed rate.
4, the operation, please always pay attention to whether there are enough nails in the runner, not enough when filled by the funnel bowl.